Fatty Fatty Fat Cat found!

January 26, 2007 at 6:10 am (Fake News, Odd)


Fatty Fatty Fat Cat – lost his way and found a home with Rebbecca Cheesedoodle. Rebbecca is a manager of the local McDonald’s in Toonerville, Fl. FFFC apparently knew what he liked and McDonald’s was just what the cat ordered. It is suspected that FFFC can smell Micky D’s miles away and Rebbecca always smells like a quarter pounder (with cheese).

FFFC is a BIG fan of the BigMac and his size shows it. Instead of chasing mice, fuzzy little catnip filled balls, or licking himself, he prefers to suck down a grease burger from Mac’s.

Luckily, his owner read about the burger munching cat in the news paper contacted Rebecca through the Toonerville Times news paper. Rebecca happily gave FFFC back to his owner after the cat litterally cleaned out her McFreezer.

FFFC will be going on a diet her real owner stated. Hardee’s Monster Thick Burgers should get him back down to fighting weight.


1 Comment

  1. dick said,

    photoshop look at her hand, its a good photoshop job in all.

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