Curb Your Enthusiasm — is killing Cheryl Hines; well at least her armpits… gross.

May 31, 2007 at 9:26 pm (bizarre, Fake News, News, Odd)

What the hell is this? A third Tit?

Well… it’s Cheryl Hine’s armpit. What the fuck is Larry David doing to her? He must be putting it to her armpit every chance he gets. What a sick demented man he must be. I Know Radar O’Reilly used to make armpit sandwiches for colonel Potter all the time and I know what an airtight granny is, but doing her armpit until it is disfigured is just being an asshole; oh my god, do you think he has also disfigured her ass? You fucking Bastard!



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Bullets, Vise, Hammer, screwdriver, and Moron – What do you get?

May 15, 2007 at 11:22 pm (Fake News, Odd)


What do you get when you combine bullets, a vise, a hammer, screwdriver, $1.70 a pound for brass scrap, and a moron? A ricochet gun shot to the gut.

Millard “Assbag” McCork thought he would earn a little “huffing” money by selling some spent brass rounds. Problem was, the shells still had those pesky little bullets in them and the metal recycling center did not take “live” rounds. So, Millard, who did not own a gun — thank god — proceeded to discharge the rounds with the next best thing to a gun, his dad’s vice grip. While the vise held the shells, he pounded a screw driver on the rim of the shell with a hammer.

After about 99 rounds of fouled shots — duds — he finally hit one right and it ricocheted off the floor and into his tool shed gut. Millard was pissed. For the one spent shell casing, he only received $0.10 from the recyclers, a $2,500 hospital bill, and no huff.

“Assbag” Millard is not deterred. He has heard that the recyclers will pay $2.08 for a pound of flesh. He figures he has at least 30lbs in belly lard to spare. “I’m rich” Millard was heard to say as he used his dads grass clippers to start trimming the fat….

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Granny Porn? Nothing like hot granny on granny action… geeeezzz

May 8, 2007 at 12:43 am (Fake News)


Two things come to mind when someone mentions granny, Irene Ryan’s portrayal of of granny on the Beverly Hillbillies and my dear old grandma. Now, adding the word porn into the equation is just plain wrong.

Finding out your grandma has a tattoo is one thing and many a young lady are going to shock their grand kids in a few more years when the butterfly on their silicone bags looks more like a aged dragon from the movie Eragon. However, that is nothing as compared to the young groom seeing his dear old grand mama in a porn movie spread eagled with some young buck spray painting her face with Elmer’s goo glue.


Grandpa’s don’t let your grannies grow up to be porn stars.

Top Granny Porn Titles

  1. Spider-Vains 3
  2. On Golden Hump
  3. Saggy Tits of Glory
  4. Dude, where’s my false teeth?
  5. Ghost Ride Her
  6. Airtight Granny — this one is real!
  7. Wrinkle Stump Skin
  8. Abs of Flabs
  9. Snow Tight and the Seven Old Farts
  10. Big Tits McGee and Her Folds of Flesh III

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DotaD Knows what is happening to all the bees

May 7, 2007 at 2:17 am (News)

Everyone is scrambling to find blame for the missing bees, even cell phones and microwave towers.


Nonsense; cell phones and microwave towers have been around for many years.

If you really want to know the reason bees are disappearing, and why the government is blaming everything under the sun or just shrugging their shoulders, it is:


Genetically engineered crops, the livelihood of bees, are wreaking havoc on these delicate creatures ecology. Companies involved in these mutated plants care very little for the humans that will eventually consume the animals that will be fed this crap.

This is big money!  Forcing farmers to purchase the same mutant seed from them year after year in the name of higher crop yields.  Farmers for thousands of years always saved seeds from the seasons crops for planting the next year.  These recycled seeds saved them money and produced locally grown successful seed crops.  Problem was, the farmer did not return year after year to purchase more seeds.  Thus, the idea to genetically alter the seed so that it does not produce seed capable of replanting and the farmer must purchase their seed every year.  Higher yields of genetic seeds also force non-genetic farmers out of business because they cannot compete at the lower prices of competing higher yield genetically altered crops.

Now with so much money to be made, year after year, do you think they ever really studied (seriously) their impact on lowly insects? Give me a break.

Where is the US government? In their back pocket of course.

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