WTFuck is it with Radio Shack and their goddamn batteries?

April 23, 2010 at 1:11 pm (Blogroll, News)

Radio Shack used to be the nerds haven for all the crap that we used to purchase to make robots, electronic dice, speaker and dancing light controllers, etc.  Now, the only fucking thing they seem to want to do is sell you their fucking batteries!

I go into a local Radio Shit store (sorry, you’re earning that title) to find a replacement DSL modem power adapter and/or a new DSL modem for my brother.  Simple request right?  Either you have it or you don’t or know how to fix it.  As soon as we determine they do not have what we need, they start pushing us to buy some batteries all the way to the front door — literally chasing us down like some power starved battery junkies that really need a fix.

Radio Shit — listen:  I/We don’t need your stinking batteries.  Fuck, I can buy batteries at 7-11 so what the fuck makes yours so special?  Your price is not any lower and if I really need a battery fix, I’ll purchase the hundred pack at Costco for half what you charge.  Stop turning your sales people into Alkaline Juice Pushers and let them do what they do best, being nerds that help nerds.


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