Fart a lot? Naturally gassy or just have a lot of shit stained undies? Try NEW Fartbreze!

November 18, 2012 at 4:39 pm (bizarre, Fake News) (, , , )

Spray NEW Fartbreze in your shorts or panties and fight flatulence all day long — up to 12 hours of protection, depending on the volume of gas your ass produces.

No more embarrassing elevator rides, because Fartbreze activates the second that shitty fart hits the fabric with its smell fighting coating of active anti-fart molecules. Want proof? I’m farting right now and you don’t smell a thing do you?

No more candles burning in your office, cans of air fresher that turn your farts into Christmas tree shits or incense that smells like patchouli dog turds.

It’s simple, effective and as easy to use as a deodorant spay — a couple spritzes in your skid marked skivvies and you’re ready to go gas up the world.

(Available only at your local Dollar Stores.)


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