Global warming? Climate change?

February 6, 2014 at 1:39 pm (News)

OK, whatever you want to call it, fine. I call it weather and the earth has been doing weather a lot longer than we have been around.

Yes, the weather/climate is changing. Surprised? Well don’t be, it has always changed and will continue to long after we are no longer a living organism on this space rock. A lot of things have contributed to climate change over the last several million years from earthquakes, volcanos and meteorites strikes – shockingly these things are out of our control.

Now, the audacity to think that a bunch of little pea brained monkeys running around on the surface of the earth can change the climate is ridiculous at best. I say that before we tackle something so large as “global climate” we start with something smaller like a tornado. If we cannot stop or prevent a tornado, what makes us think that we can change the temperature of a planet? So you say, “what a stupid idea.  You can’t stop a tornado, it’s nature.” – so why is changing the climate easier?

I guess we could destroy ourselves and most of the living creatures with a global nuclear war; but guess what, earth would still exist and eventually recover once the wound of our stupidity has healed. Yes, a wound.  That is pretty much all man is capable of doing to earth, wound it. Digging giant holes in it’s surface to mine it and millions of years later a future visitor might not even notice our scar.

If you want to know what is driving the idea that we can change the earths climate, just do what wise men have always said to do, “follow the money.”

Now, settle down. The earth is not going to explode because we are driving a car to work. We have to live and much of our current energy technologies have much less impact on our planet than if the current population was still burning wood and charcoal to heat and cook with.

We have time to migrate from fossil based fuels to cleaner and safer technologies; however, “reasonable” alternatives not available. I’m positive in the next 20-30 years we will have solutions. Energy storage is the biggest hurdle and the second issue is clean, cheap, efficient generation of electricity.

Take a pill and chill and don’t panic. Do what is reasonable to make this planet a better place. Don’t fucking litter, fight the packaging industries insane use of crap wrapped around their products, don’t dump your pills and other garbage in the toilet, reduce your use of pesticides on the lawn, etc… there are thousands of little things you and I can do to make this rock a better place without filling some “Eco Nut Jobs” pockets with your money.  Just remember that anytime someone tries to “scare” you, they have an ulterior motive – there motive is to make money from air. What’s next?  A sun tax? Perhaps… I did use a lot of the sun today and it was free, at least for now.


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