Wired magazine can stuff their surveys in my Christmas turkey’s ass.

December 7, 2009 at 8:45 pm (Blogroll, News) (, , , )

I subscribe to Wired magazine for several years now.  When I first signed up (several years ago), I opted in the email notices (fool I am).   After some emails that were ether borderline spam and some that were almost news, I started getting emails to take an important survey that would help them decide on “some big changes”.  Great!  They asked ME for some feedback — love the magazine and would be happy to help in a small way.  So, click and into survey — what’s your email address?  How old are you?  Male/female?  State?  etc.  then “click”.     “Sorry, you don’t match our demographic for this survey.  Thank You!

What!  That was sweet, don’t even blow me a kiss ya pricks!

So, I unsubscribe to emails “CLICK”

Well, now a few years later and I’ve forgotten, stupidly when renewing my subscription I clicked the “email news letters” option — fool that I am AGAIN.

Today, I get the email from Wired to ME asking for my help in shaping the new front page of Wired Magazine — hot fucking fantastic.

You know the routine — click, click, to the curb you low life piece of turd sandwich — not even a whole turd sandwich, just a piece.

Unsubscribe “CLICK!!!!!!!!”

Listen you marketing assholes that do these fucking surveys.  If you’re looking for a certain “DEMOGRAPHIC”, then state the “DEMOGRAPHIC” before someone clicks on your stupid little “project”.    Otherwise, I can only assume this is a backhanded way of collecting “DEMOGRAPHIC” information based on email accounts — you know you little shits, so you can sell it to other companies.  FUCK your SURVEYS Wired Magazine!  That’s you Conde’ Nast…


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